Saturday, January 14, 2012

China Glaze Lorelai's Tiara

I saved my favorite Eye Candy glitter for last: Lorelai's Tiara. The gorgeous Some Like It Haute comes in a very, very first second but Lorelai's Tiara (appropriately) takes the crown for me. Lorelai's Tiara is a silver microglitter with larger pieces of blue glitter mixed in. We got our first real snowfall here the other day and that really put me in the mood for this polish--it just screams snowflakes and icicles to me!

The formula on Lorelai's Tiara is fabulous. I used three coats and only had one stray piece of glitter hanging over my nails that needed to be filed down after I was done. Each coat covered evenly and cooperatively.

I'm really in love with this polish. I can't stop looking at it! I'm not a fan of cold weather but Lorelai's Tiara just really puts me in a wintery mood. I think all the Eye Candy glitters are marvelous but if you get just one, I'd make it this. I love them all though and I dig the Marilyn Monroe theme they did for this collection.

Fun fact: The name of this polish is a reference to one of her most famous movies, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, which is remembered most for her iconic performance of "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend." In the film, Marilyn's character Lorelai Lee lands herself in hot water after she finagles a diamond tiara from a very rich-and very married-man, who later accuses Lorelai of stealing it to avoid the wrath of his angry wife. Definitely a fun film to watch and a chance to see a film legend at her best.


  1. I can't wait to wear this polish! Even from the swatch I did on my nail wheel, I fell in love. The color combination is perfect. I also like that the blue glitter is pretty dense and shows up on the first coat alone.

  2. This my fave from the entire collection! I absolutely love it! It looks stunning on you btw!

  3. @Melissa: I agree, I like that the blue is prominent and not just sparsely mixed in with the silver. Very pretty!

    @Polish and Charms: Thank you!

    @Nory: Thank you! It's definitely a winner and my favorite as well!

  4. Very pretty, I passed this shade earlier. But having seen your swatches made me wanting it all over again!!

  5. I love this glitter so much! Thanks for sharing the back story behind the name. I want to go see the movie now ;0)


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