Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sally Hansen Model Behavior

EDIT: I've replaced my previous swatches of Model Behavior with a newer photo that shows the color much better since my camera was being wonky before.

I'd been wanting this polish for a long time until I actually received it as a surprise gift from the super sweet Rach of stuff i (s)watched! I picked this one up and put it back down more times than I can count at the store and figured I'd get it eventually but I'm glad to finally have it-and thankfully, I love this polish every bit as much as I'd hoped! Model Behavior is an electric blue creme. I love blues, especially if they're bright, so this is right  up my alley!

This polish is so bright that it's actually almost neon. The color is so bright and reminds me of swimming pools and makes me miss the summer! I used two coats here and the formula was terrific. The mess around my index finger was due to hasty re-swatching. Eeep, sorry! :-/ I didn't notice it until I was uploading...

Model Behavior is part of the Prabal Gurung For Sally Hansen Collection released back in spring but I still see it pretty regularly at drugstores and grocery stores. If you're a blue lover like me, this is an excellent one to have in your collection. This is surely dupable, but I don't have anything that quite matches it. Thank you Rach for fulfilling one of my lemmings! :)


  1. This blue is really pretty!! :D

  2. I'm so glad you love it!!! I agree, the color is a little off in the pics, but I am confident you wear it wonderfully. :) (Also -- I had to look it up on my blog, but $OPI Slushied is the closest dupe I had for this.)

  3. This is so pretty and it looks so shiny and creamy. It does remind me of summer :)

  4. @Ashesela: Thank you! I love a good blue!

    @Rach: I really do love it, thank you so much for sending it my way! Yeah, I'm not sure why my camera wouldn't capture the true color of this one but it just didn't want to show the true brightness. Frustrating! I think I might try a more color-accurate swatch in the future. From pictures I've seen of Slushied I'd agree that's close to the real color of Model Behavior. So pretty!

    @Nory: It's so bright and shiny in real life! It makes me hate all this winter weather...


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