Tuesday, January 17, 2012

L'Oreal Amazon's Flash

Hey all! Just a quick reminder that if you haven't already, check out my very first giveaway! The contest is open for about another week so there's still plenty of time to get those entries in! :)

Now let's move on to some swatches! Today I've got L'Oreal Amazon's Flash,a bright yellow gold foil, for you. It was released around Fall 2011 but I still see this hanging around when I'm out shopping. I was originally drawn to how intensely bright Amazon's Flash is and I thought I was really going to love this polish but once I put it on, I wasn't so sure. It grew on me the longer I wore it and I still really like the idea of this polish but I'm torn about whether I find it flattering on me personally.

The formula on Amazon's Flash was a little bit streaky/brushstrokey but those are some standard issues with most foil polishes. This was three coats. I love how shiny this polish is-Amazon's Flash is an appropriate name since this baby catches the light like crazy--but I think it may be too yellow for my skintone. Ugh, frustrating!

This polish is a mixed bag for me. I like it but I'm not head over heels for it like I'd hoped. Oh well, it's still pretty-and boy, is this sucker ever BRIGHT. I really can't stress that enough haha. If you want a gold foil that's a little on the different side, Amazon's Flash might be worth a look. I think this would look fabulous on someone with a warmer skintone than mine!


  1. I love how gorgeous this is!! I didn't get it because yellow golds look terrible on me. >.< *cry*
    Your nails look stunning! :D

  2. This is a cool color! I love how super bright and gold it is. It would probably be one of those colors that might not look the best on me, but I would badly want it to.

  3. It's bright alright, lol!! But I love it on you.

  4. i picked this one up but was discouraged by the opacity after one coat so i gave up haha. I'll definitely have to try it again!

  5. This is very pretty! I love yellow it is my favorite color so this really call my attention.

  6. Wow! Your nails look absolutely amazing - so gold! You have a great blog, I love the concept and this post... oh, and I also adore the beautiful vibrant background.

    Nice blog - keep up the good work!

  7. Love this color, you're rockin it!

  8. @Ashesela: Thank you! I'm not sure yellow gold looks very good on me either but I'm still drawn to the shine of this polish.

    @Melissa: I think that's how I feel. This color is so pretty and I want it to look great on me but I'm not 100% certain it does. Oh well...

    @MariJo: Thank you! This is definitely a polish other people notice when you wear it--it's insanely shiny!

    @SeeSarahSwatch: Yeah I still had a little patchiness here and there after three coats which was kind of a bummer but I don't think anyone else would notice it--the shine is too distracting haha. Definitely worth picking back up after you tried it before though! :)

    @Nory: Thanks! I liked that it was different but I'm not sure I can rock the yellow tones so much. :-/

    @Zoe: Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoy reading!

    @Sheba: Thank you!


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