Tuesday, January 24, 2012

OPI Ski Teal We Drop

Just a reminder that there's only a little time left to enter in my Konad giveaway, so be sure to get those entries in if you haven't already! The giveaway ends at midnight tomorrow. If you've been dying to try stamping, you're getting an instant starter kit with polish, plates and all the other tools you'll need!

Alright, so today I've got Ski Teal We Drop for you, a rich teal creme from the Swiss Collection. I love teals and this is one of my favorites. OPI discontinued this beauty back in November but it's still easy to find it at stores and online; the existing supply hasn't dwindled yet. It sucks Ski Teal We Drop isn't permanent anymore because OPI doesn't offer a whole lot of colors like this one. Why not discontinue one of the endless array of pinks instead? (Sorry pink polish lovers!) But I digress...

The formula on Ski Teal We Drop was fantastic; almost a one-coater. I used two coats here, however. This is definitely a great teal creme to have in your collection so if you like this one, pick it up while you still can. NOPI Khloe Had A Little Lam Lam (which you can see HERE) has quite a bit in common with this polish, but I'd say Ski Teal We Drop leans more blue compared to the dark emerald slant of Khloe Had A Little Lam Lam.


  1. Such a pretty color! I love this!

  2. love it! this was the polish that got me really into nail polish!!:] it has a special place in my heart. i got a backup of it just in case when I heard it was being discontinued </3

  3. So pretty! I've been looking for this one!

  4. I've been wanting this one for a while now! I don't have any anything like it. It's a very pretty color.

  5. This is really pretty!! :D I like the name too, haha!

  6. I just picked this one up last week and can't wait to try it. I need to get out of my pastel phase before though! I didn't know it was discontinued..such a shame, and i agree, they could have discontinued one of their many pinks or dupes...

  7. @Fingers: I knew you'd love this! We share a passion for teals. :)

    @A Girl and Her Polish: Thanks, I think it is perhaps my favorite teal of all!

    @SeeSarahSwatch: I can see why this is the one that got you really hooked on polish, it's so pretty! I think for me the polish that started my obsession was Jade Is The New Black and I feel the same way about that polish as you do about Ski Teal We Drop. It will always be special to me. :)

    @Polish and Charms: Thanks! Ulta seems to still carry most of the Swiss Collection (or at least mine does) so hopefully you can find it there!

    @Melissa: It's definitely an interesting shade and worth picking up. I wish OPI made more awesome teals like this!

    @Ashesela: Thanks! And yes, the name is classic OPI pun humor haha. :)

    @greeneyespinknails: I'm sure I'll be getting way into pastels too once the weather here (hopefully) warms up! Yes, sadly they discontinued this in November, along with 10 or 15 other polishes (the only other one I can recall offhand was Bullish On OPI). Why, OPI? :-/

  8. This color is great!! I've always loved this one. It's a perfect teal that's dark but has just enough blue in it! And you read my mind with the comparision/post of Khloe had a Little Lam Lam because I always thought these colors seemed similiar, but now seeing your Lam Lam post, they are so different! Khloe had a Little Lam Lam is much darker and what I always loved about Ski Teal We Drop is that it's dark, but still blue! :) Your swatch pic is awesome, it's definitely a true representation of the color.

  9. I have this color, definitely an all time favorite!! Pretty :)

  10. @Elizabeth: Thank you! I'm not a fan of near-blacks so I definitely agree that I like how this is dark but still visibly blue. Khloe is a lot darker and more green. Both are pretty and I'm not sure if I could pick a favorite between the two. :)

    @Chelsey: It really is a beautiful teal, I love it!


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