Monday, January 9, 2012

Butter London Spring/Summer 2012 Preview

I've only got a quick post today since it's my first day back at college and it's a little hectic getting into the swing of things again, but I think it's something you'll all like: new Butter polishes to lust over! You guys, Butter has been totally reading my mind. I mean, just look at their Spring/Summer 2012 collection! It's seriously drool-worthy--especially Knackered!

Photo Credit: Body & Soul

Ugh, I want them allll! Why do you do this to me, Butter?! If Butter wasn't on the pricey side I think I would own all of their polishes since I'm a shameless Butter fangirl, but as it stands I usually just buy the ones I like one at a time to lessen the blow to my wallet. These beauties are currently available on the Nordstrom website but I'm not sure when we'll start seeing them in stores and on the Butter website.

Do you love these as much as I do? What's your favorite "high-end" polish brand?


  1. These look really pretty!!! Too expensive for me though. The most expensive polish I have is a-england and that's because there was a sale, lol.

  2. Wooo these are really gorgeous!! I can't make an accurate guess about my favourite high end brand polish, as I haven't tried very many. ^-^

  3. @MariJo: I reserve my Butter purchases as special treats for myself--like you said, they're quite pricey. I recently ordered some a-englad as well for the same reason haha. I've been wanting Tristam and Lady of the Lake so I finally bit the bullet.

    @Ashesela: I know, right?! They all look so pretty! Butter is the only high-end brand I have a decent amount of. 95% of the time I just stick with salon and drugstore but I'll splurge every now and again. :)


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