Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Orly Out Of This World

Out Of This World comes from my all-time favorite Orly collection, Cosmic FX. I love every single one of the Cosmic FX polishes and I think they're just about the best thing Orly's ever done. Out Of This World is a dark purple shimmer with a subtle gold duochrome. The duochrome isn't as prominent as it appears in the bottle but it does come out to play at the right angles and reminds me of distant lights twinkling in space.

The formula on Out Of This World was good, however I did get some shrinkage with my Seche Vite topcoat--I hate it when that happens! Seche doesn't seem to play nicely with a lot of my Orly shimmers and unfortunately I'm out of Out The Door topcoat so I just had to live with it. Shrinkage aside, I've been wearing this polish for three days now and it's held up pretty well--only one small chip in my index finger, which I was able to quickly touch up.

 I used three coats here. I do wish the duochrome was a touch more prominent because it really is so beautiful when the light catches it and gives this polish some wonderful depth. Zoya Julieanne from the Wicked Collection and Color Club Alias from the Alter Ego Collection are supposed to be a dupes/near-dupes for Out Of This World, so either of those might make a nice substitute if you can't find Out Of This World or you want to save a few bucks.

Do you have a favorite Orly collection? What's your favorite Cosmic FX polish? I think mine is a tie between Space Cadet and It's Not Rocket Science.


  1. I have this but I haven't worn it. It's beautiful and looks great on you! My favorite of the FX collection is Space Cadet, even though I haven't worn it, but it's crazy pretty in the bottle and on my nail wheel. My other favorite that I've worn is Halley's Comet. The whole collection was a hit!

  2. Stunning!! Unfortunately I don't own any of the Cosmic FX polishes, but I would love to! :D

  3. Beautiful! Don't own any of these :/

  4. @Melissa: Agreed, I don't think there is a bad polish in the entire collection! Space Cadet is so crazy, it looks as amazing on the nail as it does in the bottle.

    @Ashesela: Thank you! You really can't go wrong with any of the Cosmic FX's. They are worth tracking down since they're all so pretty!

    @Nory: Thank you! I seriously wish Orly made these core so everyone could get them! I just need Lunar Eclipse to complete my set, but I've got a dupe of it already (Sally Hansen Laser) so I dunno if I NEED it... :-/

  5. Not sure I am loving this color but I do like Orly as a brand!

  6. @Polish and Charms: Thanks!

    @Fingers: It's admittedly my least favorite of the Cosmic FX but I still dig it. Orly is awesome though, yes! I think they make some of the best shimmers!


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