Wednesday, July 9, 2014

China Glaze The Giver Preview

If you went to school in America, chances are you read Lois Lowry's The Giver at some point in your educational career. For me, it was seventh grade in English class. Well, now the movie adaptation is on its way and China Glaze is releasing a tin-in collection, available August 1. This ad doesn't give us much of a feel for the colors, but don't forget to click to enlarge to see things a bit better! 

While I loved CG's Hunger Games Collection, this latest movie collection doesn't have me all that excited. It just seems like kind of an odd pairing to me. I enjoyed the book (although it's been years since I read it), but it's not something that strikes me as a natural fit for a beauty-related tie-in. But hey, if there are some cute colors here, I'll still get 'em. 

Are you looking forward to this collection? Plan on seeing the movie?  


  1. A few of the colours look quite interesting! I'll wait and see the photos first!

  2. Some nice shades in the mix, but I miss the days when I could look at a new China Glaze collection and feel wowed.


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