Sunday, January 8, 2012

China Glaze Love Marilyn

Today I've got another one of the beautiful glitters from the China Glaze Eye Candy 3D Glitters Collection to show you. Love Marilyn is a clear base with red round microglitter and larger silver hex glitter pieces. I'm not a huge red person but I actually really like red glitter. I think it looks very feminine without being too boring, since I find red cremes pretty ho-hum. A little sparkle fixes everything though! Love Marilyn reminds me a lot of OPI Gettin' Miss Piggy With It, which I considered getting but then passed on because I actually liked China Glaze's version better.

The formula on Love Marilyn was very good. I used three coats here and the glitter distributed pretty evenly with each coat. I didn't have many issues with glitter wanting to drift up toward the edge of my nail, but with polishes like this you'll usually have one or two stray pieces that you'll need to take a file to. It eats topcoat but I just stuck with one coat of it since the texture doesn't really bother me.

I'd say this is another winner from the Eye Candy glitters! I'm really happy with this collection and China Glaze definitely knows how to do glitter right. It seems like the Electropop Collection (scope it out HERE if you haven't yet) is starting to become available--I haven't seen it in stores yet personally but I know it's hitting some etailers like Victoria's Nail Supply and other bloggers have reported seeing it at their local stores--so maybe you can even find some of the Eye Candy glitters on clearance!


  1. definitely like this one more than the OPI, i think OPI's big silver glitter threw me off. also, i'm the same way: can't do red cremes, but i can't pass up a red glitter:]

  2. Pretty polish. Gotta love glitter!

    I've got my eyese peeled for those electopop polishes.

  3. That looks pretty! I decided to pass on this one though since I have so many reds.

  4. I don't wear much red polish, but I'm never beyond glitter!

    I kept seeing photos of your dog on blogger love week and had to click through! I bet he'd play nice with my papillon :)

    I've nominated you for an award on this post!

  5. @Sarah: Yeah, I like the smaller silver in the China Glaze better as well.

    @MariJo: Glitter is my favorite! :) I didn't see any of the Electropop at my Sally yesterday but I don't think it'll be too much longer until they start popping up.

    @Polish and Charms: Thanks! I actually don't have a ton of reds; I kind of avoid them most of the time haha, so I don't have a big stash of them.

    @Cindy-y: Yes, a papillon would be about his size so I think they'd get along well! :) He likes to play but usually other dogs he meets are so much bigger than him haha. Thank you for the award! I'll check it out!


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