Sunday, January 15, 2012

Orly & SpaRitual Spring 2012 Preview

Let's take a look at what Orly and sister brand SpaRitual will have in store for us this spring! First up is Orly. The Cool Romance Collection will feature four cremes and two shimmers, all with a kind of dusty, pastel theme to them. The collection will be available in January.

Bottom row, L to R: You're Blushing, Prelude To A Kiss, Jealous Much?, Faint of Heart, Steel Your Heart, Artificial Sweetener

You're Blushing and Jealous, Much? catch my eye the most but I like the feel of this collection overall; very light and easy. There hasn't really been anything out about Orly's 2012 collections so it's nice to have this first peek. I hope they do another FX collection!

As for SpaRitual, their spring offering is called the Water Collection. 20% of the collection profits will go to Surge, a US non-profit organization that works to improve global access to safe, clean water. I only own one SpaRitual (Sacred Ground), mainly due to the fact that you can only really buy them online, but I'd like to get more in the future and these look intriguing!

L to R: Deep, Lucid, Ebb & Flow, Undercurrent, Ripple Effect, Hidden Reef

The Water Collection's official release date is February 1.

Do any of these stand out to you? Which ones are you most excited for? Have you tried any SpaRitual polishes?


  1. Ooh can't wait to pick some of these up!! :)

  2. Some of these look pretty nice. I'm particularly curious about Artificial Sweetener (oh glob that name, haha).

  3. @Nory: Me too! I wish SpaRitual was sold in actual stores by me though, I don't always like ordering online.

    @Allie-bee: I agree, looks like a pretty good selection overall. I think Steel Your Heart is the most cringe-worthy name for me since I feel like that pun's been used so many times for polishes, but yeah, Artificial Sweetener is an odd one too.

  4. Those Orly's look AMAZING!! I love their light creamy shades! :D

  5. @Ashesela: Orly does make some great pastel/light shades and they usually have good coverage too for such soft colors, so that's a plus! I want the green one so bad!

  6. Oooooh!!!! I see my wish list growing very soon, lol.


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