Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge Jane

Jane is another royal beauty from the Rescue Beauty Lounge Real Housewives of the Tudor Dynasty Collection. She is named for Jane Seymour, Henry VIII's favorite wife. Jane is a putty grey with subtle gold shimmer. RBL calls it a "grey pearl" color which I would say is dead-on. RBL's description also says there is some pink shimmer in there as well as the gold but I honestly don't think it shows up on the nail.

It's funny, I originally almost passed on Jane but the completionist in me won out by deciding I had to have all the queens. (RBLs are so addicting, what can I say!) Then when they arrived in the mail, Jane was oddly the one I felt compelled to try first. Now that I have Jane, I'm pleased to say I really like her. She's neutral without being boring.

The formula on Jane was utterly fantastic, per usual for RBL polishes. They go on like a dream and wear like iron-so far Jane is no exception. This is two coats. All of the Tudor polishes are unique and intriguing in their own way, like Henry's wives. Just as Jane Seymour herself was reported to have a modest, discrete personality, this polish is appropriately understated but still chic.

Did you pick up any of the Tudor polishes as part of RBL's recent Bring It Back promotion? If so, which queen are you loving the most? I can't wait to try out Catherine and Catherine H as well!


  1. I haven't tried any of these (or any RBL polishes at all) but I would definitely like to. :D This one is so pretty!

  2. Loooooove this on you! :D Happy to have enabled.

  3. Very pretty color! I've never tried RBL.

  4. @Ashesela: Beware, they are soo addicting! :) I'd say any of the queens would make a great first RBL though!

    @Rach: Thank you! And yes, my wallet may not be pleased with you but I'm so glad your swatches got me to change my mind about this one. :) I really like it!

  5. Such a great neutral!! It looks lovely on you.

  6. I've never tried RBL before but I really do love their color selection! This one looks sublte but still really pretty.

  7. Also I nominated you for the cute blog award

  8. @Polish and Charms: Thank you! RBLs push the limit of how much I'm willing to pay for a polish but I think everyone should try at least one sometime, they're so amazing!

    @MariJo: Thank you!I'm not generally a neutrals person but I like this one.

    @Nory: Thanks, I'll be sure to check it out!


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