Wednesday, January 4, 2012

OPI Save Me

I think I may have saved the best (certainly the most unique) Nicki Minaj polish for last! This is Save Me, a silver glitter that also has holographic blue and gold bar glitter in it. It's like a little party on your nails! At first I was afraid this one might look to sparse to wear alone but I'm glad to say that it's perfectly opaque enough to wear by itself, although of course you could still layer it over anything you please! I used to be a little "meh" on bar glitter but lately I'm really coming around to it. I looovvee this polish!

I used three coats here. The formula was generally cooperative but I did have some issues with pieces of bar glitter peeking over the edges of my nails, so I had to take a file to the stray pieces once my manicure dried. Even with topcoat on, the holographic effect of the bar glitter was very noticeable as I moved my nails around and that extra kick of holo just makes this polish that much cooler.

Save Me is definitely unique. I can't really think of another polish out there like this one. I actually almost didn't get this one because I wasn't sure how the different elements would come together on the nail but now I'm totally glad that I did! I think next time I'll layer it over a silver foil or maybe just plain ol' black.

So that about wraps things up for the Nicki Minaj Collection. I didn't get the Super Bass shatter but I'm pleased with the rest of the polishes that I did pick up and I really like this collection overall. The polishes are fun and a good representation of Nicki Minaj's persona. Her fashion choices seem to be all about color and sparkle and OPI certainly gave us that with this collection! I think both Save Me and Metallic 4 Life (swatches HERE) are must-haves, especially for glitterhounds. The cremes are probably dupable but they're all extremely pretty and at least unique within my personal stash, so I'm very happy to have those as well.

How are you liking the Nicki Minaj Collection? Which celebrity would you like to see OPI team up with next? I'd love to see a collaboration with someone like Rihanna or Gaga! Both ladies are known to rock some cutting-edge nail trends so I think they'd make for fun picks.


  1. Gorgeous! This is very unique!

  2. I think this is my fave also! Oooh I would love to see Rihanna, she would have some awesome colors!

  3. I love this one!! This is my first bar glitter and I was surprised at how much I liked it. I too had that problem with some of it hanging over the edge, but I'm willing to work with it, lol.

  4. Very neat!!! :D Maybe it is just me but the bar glitter in this seems longer and thinner than I'm used to seeing. Then again, maybe it is just an optical illusion? Either way this is really cool! :D

  5. That does look like a party on your nails! Love it!

  6. Love this! I wasn't so sure about this one a while back but I'm really liking it now from swatches I've seen. I think OPI should collaborate with musicians more often. Rihanna and Gaga would definitely be awesome!

  7. Love this polish! Can't wait for it to be at the store near me!

  8. @Nory: I agree on both points! :)

    @Anne: I definitely think she would create some kickass colors. I have her perfume and while I'm not normally big on celebrity fragrances, I loooovveeee it!

    @MariJo: I'm surprised how much I've come around to bar glitter as well. I used to think it looked like hair on your nails or something. And I agree, it's worth the extra hassle for some holo sparkle!

    @Ashesela: Hmmmm, I don't have very many bar glitters so I'm not sure how the size and shape compare to the norm. But it may be a little thinner than something like, say, the recent Zoya bar glitters.

    @Polish and Charms: It's ridiculously festive, I just love it!

    @Melissa: I was the same way, so I say give it a shot! :) I like that OPI has generally chosen celebs known for their nails/fashion (Serena, Katy, Nicki, etc.) and I think overall their celeb collabs have been great!

    @Procrastination Polish: It's worth stalking your favorite beauty supplier for! Best of luck! :)


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