Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Finger Paints Motley

I recently made my first Finger Paints purchase when I picked up three of the new Special Effects flakies at Sally. I couldn't find Twisted though, the one I wanted most! Ugh!! But that's okay (sort of...I guess...not really), I at least came home with some other new goodies.

The first one I have to show you is Motley, an iridescent blue-green flakie in a sheer, milky base. This is two coats of Motley over two coats of my favorite black creme, Rimmel Black Satin.

With flash...

I also wore Motley over my OPI Ski Teal We Drop manicure that I showed you yesterday.

And some with flash...

I actually like it much more over black than over Ski Teal We Drop. The black brings out the colors in the flakies more and really makes them pop. Blue and green are my favorite polish colors so naturally I'm going to love a blue and green flakie! The formula was completely cooperative and smooth so that's a plus as well.

Normally I don't pay much mind to the Finger Paints display at Sally-no particular reason, I just never got into the brand-but I'm really glad I gave these a shot. All of the Special Effects polishes look super similar in the bottles to the point where it's tough to tell them apart without consulting the labels but they definitely come alive on the nail and each one has its own look and personality. I'll be wearing the rest of the ones I picked up in the very near future. These polishes are limited edition and seem to be creating quite a stir--the three I bought from my Sally were literally the last ones left in the store--so hopefully you have better luck than I did and find all the ones you want! :)


  1. this is funny, because the only one I couldn't find was Motley, which is the one I wanted most!I hope they restock :(

  2. Motley is pretty! I can't find Twisted either. It's my fault for passing it up when I had the choice between it and Flecked. Since I had Asylum, I wanted to try a different color but now Twisted is gone from the display! Apparently if you layer Asylum and Flecked together, it's close to Twisted, which I might try but I still want the real thing.

  3. I love these flakies!!!! So fun to layer, and find different combos!!

  4. I love this flakie. I want to try it over purple, I think that'll be a nice contrast

  5. @Cindy-y: I went to another nearby Sally and although they didn't have Twisted either, the salesgirl told me they were expecting another shipment after the first one proved so popular, so maybe there is hope that your Sally will restock too!

    @Melissa: I hate when you pass on something and then it's gone once you go back for it! I'll have to try that Asylum/Flecked combo if I can't find Twisted, but I'm still holding out hope!

    @Polish and Charms: Flakies really are so fun! I'm usually drawn to putting them with black or near-blacks but it was interesting to switch it up with a teal and I love seeing what other bloggers layer them with.

    @Sarah: I could definitely see purple looking cool with this. I think with Ski Teal We Drop there wasn't enough of a contrast between that color and the color of the flakies but purple would probably give a nice pop of color.

  6. I have all of these and I love Motley! So cool!

  7. I'm having the hardest time finding these; I really hope I don't have to order them online...:/

  8. I'm going to give this one a try today. I love how you layered it.

  9. @Fingers: You're so lucky you got them all! Motley is seriously cool, I don't have anything else like it!

    @Erin Does Nails: I know, I really wish they made these permanent instead of limited edition because it seems like a lot of people are having trouble finding these. :(

    @MariJo: Thank you! :) I hope you post your Motley mani on your blog!


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