Friday, February 27, 2015

Essie Coat Couture

Essie Coat Couture is a purple-leaning grey satin with soft iridescent blue shimmer. I love how effortlessly chic this shade is! I can see myself wearing this a lot come fall. The finish and the color together bring to mind a luxurious leather hand bag--you know, a classic one that goes with everything? I absolutely adore grey polish and I am really living for this one!

Coat Couture looks stunning all on its own, but I couldn't resist popping on some topcoat to see that gorgeous shimmer come to life. Look how pretty and twinkly it is!

The formula is one of the best I've seen from a matte/satin. It's very creamy--no streaking or dragging. I used two coats here.

I thought I'd be hard pressed to find a shade from the Cashmere Matte Collection that I liked more than Just Stitched, but Coat Couture is giving it a run for its money! Both are wonderful, classic shades that benefit even more from the understatedly chic look of the satin finish.

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