Monday, February 9, 2015

Butter London High Tea Preview

The new spring collections are starting to hit stores and today I've got a peek at what we'll be seeing from Butter London! Let's take a look at the collection first and then I've got an interesting tidbit about it to share with you.

L to R: Cheers!, High Tea, Kip

L to R: Ruby Murray, Sloane Ranger, Tiddly

Minis set with an exclusive shade, Green Fairy

I've already seen this collection in-store, but the odd bit is that when I saw it on display, there was an empty slot for a full-size bottle of Doily, the glitter topper from last summer's Sweet Somethings minis set. However, nothing I've seen about the High Tea Collection online makes any mention of Doily--I can't even find any info about a possible re-release for Doily. I would love to have a full-size bottle of it though, so here's hoping it pops up!


  1. I'm pretty excited about Tiddly and Kip, myself!

  2. I hope you're able to get your hands on Doily!

    I've had Sloane Ranger for forever, and just got the High Tea 4-pc set + Kip in a promo, but I'm loving the look of Cheers. bL does interesting yellow shades, so I would love to try this!


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