Sunday, February 1, 2015

a-england Crown of Thistles

Have you ever looked at a polish collection and thought, "Yeah, I'm-a need all of that"? Well that was my reaction to a-england's newest collection, Elizabeth & Mary. I was lucky enough to receive two polishes from this glorious collection as a holiday gift from the wonderful Tiffany and the one I'll be sharing with you guys today is called Crown of Thistles.

It's a regal shade of amethyst with a stunning finish. I hesitate to call it a scattered holo; a-england's official description refers to it as "prismatic," which I think is more accurate. Whatever you want to call it, this polish is very glow-y (to use a technical term, haha) and it pulses when the light hits it. a-england Briar Rose has a similar finish and it's just as mouth-wateringly gorgeous with Crown of Thistles' lush purple as it is with Briar Rose's rich cranberry.

Crown of Thistles has a lovely formula that's actually almost a one-coater! I used two here. I wore it sans topcoat and I had some visible tipwear after one day, but no chips.


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