Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Orange You Glad?

I'm home visiting family this weekend, so I thought some nail wraps would be a good choice for the trip. I recently picked up a whole bunch of Sally Hansen Salon Effects (some of my favorite nail wraps) on clearance. It's extremely rare for me to pay full price for nail wraps, given that I like to change my polish so often, but I always try to stock up when I find them on sale. I think these only set me back like 99 cents!

This design, Orange You Glad?, is a creamsicle orange base with darker orange snakeskin detailing. I love this fun, colorful twist on a snakeskin pattern!

So far, the wear seems typical to my experience with Sally Hansen wraps--some visible tipwear on the first day, then near-ironclad durability from there on out. I didn't wear topcoat this time (the wraps have a smooth, shiny finish all on their own), but when I do, the wear is even better!


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