Thursday, August 28, 2014

Zoya Remy

I have this color somewhere in my stash. I couldn't name you the exact polish, but given my buying tendencies and my affinity for jewel tones, I know that I do. But when I saw Zoya Remy...I just couldn't resist. This rich, deep teal with intense gold shimmer swept me off my feet.

I don't have any complaints with the actual formula--it's great and covers in two coats--but I will say that Remy stains something awful. I had one stain on my right index finger that was so bad I actually had to cut that nail because the stain toward the tip of my nail that would not come out. So definitely use caution when applying this one. Double up on the base coat and stay as far away from the edges of your nail as you can, otherwise you'll be dealing with some major cuticle staining. I feel like a lot of Zoya teals stain, which is unfortunate because they are always so stinkin' pretty!

Staining aside though, this really is a lovely color. The base color is so rich and luxurious-looking and the shimmer is to die for! To me, Remy is one of the standouts from Zoya's fall offerings!


  1. Shame about the staining as it's lovely. I've had some bad staining in the past few days with Cherry Bomb by Orly. I was quite surprised by this! :-|

  2. That's such a nice deep and rich color. Bummer that it stains though.

  3. I've never seen such a beautifull blue! It's stunning!

  4. I loved this polish the instant I laid eyes on it! I should be receiving it in the mail soon. I am just now dealing with some staining from Orly Halley's Comet - will take extra care when I wear this one! Thanks for the heads up!


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