Friday, August 15, 2014

OPI My Dogsled Is A Hybrid

For the OPI Nordic Collection, I did something I hardly ever do: I bought the minis set. I've gone on record saying I hate OPI minis (the handle is too stinkin' small to work with!) but the set had all four polishes I was interested in from this collection, so it was a lot more economical to bite the bullet and buy the damn minis than to spring for individual full sizes. This will either be a great money-saving solution or a terrible idea that ends in me swearing off OPI minis for all eternity again. Only time will tell!

So first up, we'll be taking a look at My Dogsled Is A Hybrid, a beautiful seafoam green creme. This is a bit of an unusual color for a fall collection. Normally when we see greens like this for fall, they've got a bit of dust or grime to them. But this is an unapologetically bright and cheery shade and also the one I was looking forward to most from the Nordic Collection.

Commenting on the formula with minis is a bit tricky, but I'll give it a shot. I found My Dogsled Is A Hybrid to be a bit streaky. There was some drag to it as well, but again, I can't tell if that's just the mini brush or the polish itself. Overall though, it applied pretty nicely. I used three coats here.

So far, the minis have been alright and I am eager to try more colors! Already though, I can tell that this is going to be one of the standouts. If you loved other OPI colors like Mermaid's Tears or Thanks A Windmillion! then you'll want to check out My Dogsled Is A Hybrid. Consider it their peppier younger sister!

How are you liking the Nordic Collection? And minis: love or loathe? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Really like the color of this!

  2. Pretty colour. I must admit I didn't like the OPI minis at first, but I've used them so much I don't mind them anymore :-)


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