Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Rainbow Honey Lunairetic

This week's Twinsie Tuesday theme is a classic mani. Everyone's definition of "classic" is different, so there are a lotta directions you could take this theme in: a French mani, a favorite polish, a palette cleanser shade, etc.

As for me...well, time got away from me this week, so I was originally planning on sitting this week out, except I really hate doing that. So I'm not gonna lie, I scoured my archives for something that might fit this theme and I came up with this: an old layering of Rainbow Honey Lunairetic over Barielle Miami Heat. The base is red, which is a good start for any classic mani and Lunairetic is a gold, silver, pink and purple glitterbomb from waaaayyy back to RH's second collection. RH is one of my all-time favorite brands, so to me, an older polish of theirs IS a classic!

Although I kinda shoehorned it into this week's theme, I really do like this mani! I think red is a great base to showcase the rich metallics of Lunairetic, which is such a fun glitter topper.

I hope my Twinsies will forgive me for cheating a bit this week. Be sure to check out their classic manis as well!

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  1. Hey...you made it happen! Lol!

  2. This is a gorgeous combination! I love that glitter :-)

  3. This is fun! The red and glitter together is lovely.

  4. That glitter is gorgeous! It looks so complex over the red.

  5. Pretty; nice take on using the red base and an older glitter for the classic portions!

  6. Oooh nice take on classic :D This is great!

  7. Lol, I love the rationale behind his. You're too funny.


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