Friday, August 22, 2014

Lacquistry Amazeballz

Lacquistry Amazeballz is a bit of a tricky polish to describe because there isn't really anything out there like it. Imagine if you could apply little bits of mirror onto your fingernails. That's what Amazeballz is like. But enough talking. Just look at this and then go buy it as soon as humanly possible! It. Is. Awesome.

Pictures don't do true justice to how shiny and reflective Amazeballz is. I can practically see my reflection in my polish! How cray-cray is that?! Another cool thing with Amazeballz is that it feels extremely smooth on the nail. There aren't any jagged edges like you sometimes get with polishes that have individual mylar pieces in them. I couldn't tell you what exactly Amazeballz is made with, but it's something entirely different and unique. It's also very opaque, requiring only two coats to be worn alone.

So yeah. Seriously, buy this from Lacquistry! It's unlike anything I've seen before and it's totally worth the splurge!


  1. :-O How shiny is that! Looks amazing :-)

  2. This is stunning! I absolutely need to get a bottle of it eventually.


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