Wednesday, January 8, 2014

OPI Love. Angel. Music. Baby.

OPI Love. Angel. Music. Baby. is a warm-toned gold in a satin finish. If you remember This Gown Needs A Crown from the 2013 Miss Universe Collection, Love. Angel. Music. Baby. is more or less a gold version of that polish. I really love the satin finish and am excited to see OPI exploring it more with the Gwen Stefani Collection. I'm not all that big on matte polishes, so I like that the satin finish isn't quite matte. I've seen several other reviewers liken the finish to frosted glass and I think that's a very spot-on comparison!

The formula applies very smoothly and spreads effortlessly across the nail. I used three coats here. The satin finish does have a tendency to accentuate any dents and dings on your nails. (Please excuse the little dent on my middle finger here! It wasn't visible in person and I only noticed it as I was going through photos after the fact.) But it's nowhere near as noticeable as it is with chromes, like Love. Angel. Music. Baby.'s collection mate, Push And Shove. The satin finish is designed to be worn sans topcoat, so I wore this polish without it. Topcoat would definitely bring out the sparkle in this polish more, but I think it would also take away a lot of what makes Love. Angel. Music. Baby. so unique and interesting.

I don't think this is the most flattering color on me personally, but I still like it in general and found myself staring at this polish a lot, admiring the satin finish. I am really finicky about golds because I have a hard time matching them with my skintone. But I think someone with a darker or more olive-based complexion would really rock this polish!


  1. This is really pretty on you!!

  2. I agree, I don't think it's supre flattering based on all the swatches I have seen but it is a pretty colour!

  3. I really like this color and the finish is pretty cool too.

  4. This is lovely! I really like how smooth it looks! :D

  5. Ooh, it's so pretty! Love that shimmer, and I love the finish. ♥


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