Sunday, January 19, 2014

Deborah Lippmann Red Silk Boxers

Deborah Lippmann Red Silk Boxers is a red (you might have guessed that part) featuring Deborah Lippmann's new matteen finish. The matteen finish debuted in the winter Silk Collection and it reminds me a lot of velvet, in that it looks silky smooth and has a beautiful soft sheen when the light hits it. It's not completely matte, but not shimmer-y either.

The formula was decent and covers in two coats. The trickiest part of application for me is that you have to be mindful of where you place your brushstrokes. If you're not careful, they become more noticeable after the polish dries down and mattifies. Although I'm holding a topcoat bottle in these swatches, I didn't wear any topcoat with this mani. I thought this would chip on me really quickly, since I tend to have bad luck with mattes, but I wore it for two days before taking it off and I didn't have any chips!

I love how sophisticated the matteen finish and this color look together. There's something kinda Old Hollywood femme fatale about this polish to me. I'm not a big matte fan but I do like all of these satin-type finishes we've been seeing from brands like DL and OPI in the past few months!


  1. Such a beautiful shade (the name is awful though :P)

    1. Haha agreed! Why couldn't it have been pajamas or...well, pretty much anything but boxers? Boxers don't make me think of silk or luxury, which seem to be the two themes of the Silk Collection.

  2. I love finishes like these! I only have one Orly polish like this, but I could definitely use more! This looks amazing on you!


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