Friday, January 3, 2014

OPI Over And Over A-Gwen Nail Art Set: Review & Swatches

I originally skipped out on the Over And Over A-Gwen set from the new Gwen Stefani OPI collection, but after a day of thinking it over, I figured, "screw it" and went back to pick it up. The completionist in me always wins out.

This set, which retails for $14.95, features a polish in Gwen's signature shade of red, in honor of her ever-present red lipstick, plus some nail art extras. Let's take a look inside!

One of the first things I noticed is that the packaging is extremely well done. This set has the presentation of a high-end product and it really makes you feel like you're opening up something special.

The inside features a beautiful promo shot of Gwen and then a showcase cut-out for the polish itself.

The set contains not only the polish, but nail studs, little Swarovski crystal elements, nail glue and a "get the look" guide, showcasing ideas on how to use the studs and crystals with the entire Gwen collection.

The guide was a great help to someone like me who loves the idea of studded nails but lacks the creativity to come up with unique ways to use them. :-/ You may want to click to enlarge these photos so you can take in the details of the booklet.

So it's an impressive-looking set but let's not get too romanced by the packaging here. What about the actual polish? Well, Over And Over A-Gwen is a true red that doesn't lean too blue or too orange, so it should look fabulous on just about any skin tone. However, it's by no means a unique color. I have one like it, you have one like it, we all do.

That being said, the formula is fantastic and the creme gloss finish is beautifully smooth and has an almost jelly-like squishy shine to it. At the end of the day, a red creme isn't anything to write home about, but damn if Over And Over A-Gwen isn't an excellent one! I didn't expect to be nearly as impressed by this polish as I was. If you're a red fanatic or you're in search of your perfect, any occasion red, this is one you'll want to add to your collection. What you see here is two buttery smooth coats.

If you feel like dressing Over And Over A-Gwen up, luckily OPI has provided plenty of options to play around with. Here's a quick snap, taken indoors, of how I used some of the studs with Over And Over A-Gwen.

I applied the studs using the included nail glue and a toothpick. The nail glue works really well. It has a very workable consistency and dries quickly. I added an extra layer of topcoat to seal everything in and the studs stayed on flawlessly for the two days I wore them. Of the eight studs I used for this mani (four on each hand), I was able to salvage six of them after removal, so they are re-usable! Two of the studs got kind of gummed up with polish, although I'm sure they would have been save-able if I'd put in some extra effort. But I'm lazy, so...yeah. ;)

If you're on the fence about this set, I'd say it's worth an indulgence if you think you'll make use of the nail art extras.  Otherwise, if you're in it just for the polish itself, as nice as it is (and it is nice), I don't think it's unique enough to pay the extra money for the set. But Gwen Stefani fans and die-hard red lovers may feel otherwise. I for one am glad I decided to go back and pick this up after I'd already bought the rest of the collection! The color is nothing new but the execution and presentation are what made Over And Over A-Gwen stand out to me.

I hope you enjoyed this in-depth look at all this set has to offer! So now what do you think: is this a must-have for you or...well, just another red?


  1. Wonderful detailed review, great work!

    1. Thank you, Liz! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

  2. Lovely! eek you're tempting me! lol :D

  3. I keep rolling my eyes at OPI for flooding us with red after red, but daaaaaang. Seriously wanting this one now!


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