Sunday, January 26, 2014

Deborah Lippmann Love Is A Battlefield

Nail blogger confession time: I have never tried a magnetic polish. I know, I know, they were a big thing for a while and I'm way late to the party and no one probably even cares about magnetic polish at this point. I've had some Icing magnetic polishes sitting neglected in my untrieds that I bought back when magnet polishes were starting to get popular, but what finally coaxed me into giving magnetic polish a go was Deborah Lippmann Love Is A Battlefield. Love Is a Battlefield is a pretty shade of raspberry that reveals burgundy-colored designs when exposed to a magnet.

While I did mess up a time or two by knicking my nails with the magnet, overall it was very easy to use and the design came out nice and vibrant! I actually don't have the Lippmann magnet that goes with this polish, so I used the magnet for one of my Icing polishes and that worked perfectly!

The formula is excellent. After letting my first coat dry, I swiped on a second and went to work with the magnet. I was surprised to see that the design appeared almost instantaneously. I was under the impression I would have to hold the magnet over my nail for a little while, but that didn't seem to be the case here. The polish also dried quickly and I didn't have any issues with topcoat smearing the design.

So overall, my first experience with magnetic polish was a very pleasant one. I know magnetic polishes are pretty much "over" as a trend but I still had fun with Love Is A Battlefield. If you haven't tried one yet (I can't be the only one who held out on this trend...right?) then I suggest giving it a whirl. They're a cool novelty and I liked the effect more than I thought I would!


  1. I've never tried a magnetic polish either. Honestly, I'm not that crazy about it but I would still give it a try for the fun of it.

  2. Yay! I'm glad your fist experience was a good one. Mine was kind of a fail lol, but ended up being fun. This looks great!


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