Friday, January 31, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: 2nd Anniversary Post

I can't believe it's already been two years of Twinsie Tuesday! Time has really flown and I am continually honored to be a part of this amazing group of ladies! I owe them so much and you would be hard pressed to find girls who are more creative, caring and supportive.

So to honor our second anniversary, we're doing a special post today where we've paired off with another Twinsie to try to re-create or do a manicure inspired by their first Twinsie Tuesday post. My Twinsie for this challenge is Kelly!

Sadly for me, Kelly's first post with us also happened to be one of my all-time least favorite TT themes: fishtail mani. Gah! Kelly created a gorgeous look for this theme...

...and I knew right away there was no chance in hell I'd be able to do it justice. But what better way to mark the anniversary of TT than with some sub-par nail art by me? ;) Twinsie Tuesday has always forced me to push my nail art abilities and try things I would otherwise be too intimidated to ever attempt. I struggled majorly with my fishtail mani for our original TT post! But I went the "inspired by" route and tried to come up with something relatively presentable. My freehand line skills are pretty crappy, so it didn't turn out all perfectly, but here is my attempt. I tried, Kelly! :)

Light blue: Lime Crime Once In A Blue Mousse
Dark blue: Pure Ice French Kiss
Silver: Essie No Place Like Chrome
White: Illamasqua Scorch

I altered the fishtail design a bit to make it easier for me to try and do. It kinda came out a little chevron-esque, which was not my intention. But I stayed as close to Kelly's original color palette as I could.  If nothing else, this manicure did serve as a good reminder of how utterly gorgeous Lime Crime Once In A Blue Mousse is!

I hope you'll enjoy today's anniversary manis across the Twinsie Tuesday blogs. Here's to two more years of TT!

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  1. I think yours came out great! You used really pretty colors too.

  2. yours is awesome! you totally did it justice!

  3. ah in fairness now to you, you did an amazing job! For one that hates nail art you are able to pull it off incredibly well!

  4. This turned out really well! I don't see any issues with your freehand skills at all!

  5. I think yours is great and I love the colors

  6. Chelsea these are gorgeous! I love them!!!!!

  7. You really are better at nail art than you think you are, and I love the colours you picked! And you're so right--this blue is really gorgeous. ^_^

  8. Aw I think you gave her mani plenty amount of justice! This is gorgeous!


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