Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Essie Silk Watercolor Preview

Today I've got a somewhat puzzling new release on the horizon from Essie to share. It's puzzling in that some of the pre-release material I've seen says this is going to be a salon-exclusive release, while others reference it being available at all the usual Essie retailers. But either way, I figure it can't hurt to show 'em to you.

What we're talking about here is Essie Silk Watercolor, a collection of sheer polishes intended for creating watercolor-style nail art. It's one of the bigger collections Essie has had in a while, with eight brand new polishes. Let's take a look!
Essie Silk Watercolor Collection Summer 2015

L to R: White Page, Muse Myself, Pen & Inky

Essie Silk Watercolor Collection Summer 2015
L to R: Art New-Beau, Blush Stroke, Love Sheen

Essie Silk Watercolor Collection Summer 2015
L to R: No Shrinking Violet, Point Of Blue, Highest Bidder

These seem like the OPI Sheer Tints all over again. I'm not a fan of polishes like this, but I'm sure some of the nail art aficionados out there will be excited for these. I suppose it would make sense for these to be intended for salon use, since this type of polish is not something everyone is going to have a use for.

The collection launches this summer. I'll be sure to update this post when I come across more information on whether these will be receiving a public or salon-only release. If these are released "into the wild," so to speak, will you be getting any?

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