Saturday, January 12, 2013

Studio M Firecracker

Meet Studio M Firecracker a.k.a. the polish that makes me sing "Go Go Dancer" by Lana Del Rey in my head every time I see it sitting on my nail station. ("They call me firecracker...") Firecracker is an insanely sparkly glitterbomb filled to the brim with silver holo, gunmetal and purple glitter. Check this baby out!

I used three coats here. The formula is decent--a little goopy, but nothing terrible. I used a glue basecoat with Firecracker because I'm sure removal would be not so fun otherwise. Aside from that, this is easily my favorite Studio M polish I've tried! It would make a fabulous polish for a night out or any other time you want to be sure your nails will get noticed. There is some crazy sparkle going on here! I love it!

As far as I know, Firecracker is a Studio M original and not a Color Club re-package (the brands are owned by the same company and share colors a lot), so if you want it, get thee--or a swap buddy--to a Meijer!


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