Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: Happy Hands Illusions, Michael

Red polish: eternal classic or playing-it-safe snoozefest? I can go either way, but I can certainly appreciate a standout red when it's done right. When I saw that this week's Twinsie Tuesday theme was red, I wanted to jazz things up a bit. Since nail art is out of the question for me, the immediate solution was, of course, glitter!

Enter Happy Hands Illusions, Michael! Illusions, Michael is a red glitterbomb complete with orange hexes, gold squares and holographic gold stars. It's part of Happy Hands' I've Made a Huge Mistake Collection, inspired by one of my all-time favorite shows, Arrested Development. If you're a fan of the show, or just awesome nail polish in general, then you should definitely check out Happy Hands' Etsy shop!

If I could change one thing about this mani, I'd opt to layer it over a base rather than wear it alone. The formula got hard to spread by the last of the three coats I did of Illusions, Michael and I think the holographic stars would pop out more when worn over a base. They get swallowed up a bit by all of the other glitter going on when this polish is worn alone.

But hey, live and learn. I still enjoy this polish a lot. It may be red, but it certainly isn't boring! I am eager to try more of the Happy Hands polishes waiting in my stash!

In the mood for more red? Check out the other Twinsie Tuesday blogs below! Also, I want to point out that our TT family got a little smaller this week, as the lovely Jenna has chosen to step down. Us TT gals are a close group that's bonded over so much more than just polish. Jenna, if you're reading this, it's been a delight getting to know you! <3

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  1. Awesome!!! Happy Hands makes gorgeous polishes!!

  2. I just love this collection! I HAD to get banana stand!

    1. Banana Stand is next on my wishlist! I want to have them all eventually!

  3. Ahahahha this is awesome!! I <3 Arrested Development. A Trick is what a whore does for money... or cocaine!

  4. This is a really beautiful glitter!

  5. Feel my jealousy, Chelsea! I pretty much covet this entire collection. ;)

    1. They are a gorgeous group of polishes, made all the better by an amazing inspiration! Do they ship internationally?

  6. This is very pretty, you can never go wrong with a red glitter :)

  7. Gorgeous red! I love how sparkly it is.

  8. I love this collection! I need to invest in a few of them. :)

    1. For sure! As soon as I saw that Arrested Development nail polish existed, I *had* to have it!

  9. This is such an awesome red glitterbomb!


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