Saturday, January 5, 2013

Zoya Pixie Dust Preview & Color Your World Promo

Is "texture" the new crackle? It sure looks that way, with OPI, China Glaze and now Zoya all jumping on the textured mani bandwagon this spring. OPI has Liquid Sand, CG has Texture and Zoya has Pixie Dust, a new collection of six lacquers with a 3D matte finish.

The collection launches February 1. At $9 a pop, the Pixie Dust polishes will cost a bit more than your usual Zoya. I'm not a fan of the price hike, but the colors do look cute. I get the sneaking suspicion we'll all be inundated with texture/pixie dust/liquid sand/whatever other names they come up with by year's end though...

But hey, Zoya is also having another one of their famous promos starting this Monday! You can pick three polishes for free...kind of. There's a $10 shipping and processing fee, but it's still not a bad deal at all. Zoya promos are my favorite way to knock out a few lemmings. The Pixie Dust and Lovely collections are, unfortunately, both excluded from the sale. I am majorly crushing on the Lovely Collection, so I'm bummed it's not included, but there are still plenty of pretties to pick from!


  1. Godiva and London seem very interesting! I'm soo sad Zoya does not ship internationaly :-(

  2. I think you hit the nail on the head with textures being the new crackle. Thankfully I like this trend a lot more! The colours in this collection look really pretty. I'm way more excited for the Lovely collection, though! Can't wait for those pastels. :)


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