Thursday, January 3, 2013

Deborah Lippmann Don't Tell Mama

Deborah Lippmann Don't Tell Mama is a dark teal shimmer. I got this gorgeous polish in a swap with my friend Nory. It's such a rich, pretty jewel tone and one of my favorite DL polishes ever!

What you see here is two effortless coats. I'm on day three of this mani right now and I'm really impressed how well it's worn. I don't have any chips and there are zero signs of tipwear.
I am not a fan of near-blacks, so I like how, despite its dark base, Don't Tell Mama is still absolutely teal. It's got such a glossy smooth finish to it and I love watching the shimmer play in the light. I don't think I could envision a deep teal any prettier than this one!


  1. Super pretty! I have this one too but have yet to try it. I personally like near blacks, and the emerald ones are always favorites.

    1. Thanks Amanda! I think this polish would totally be your style!

  2. Mine is a teal and an emerald in one - it's not duochrome at all - don't mean that...but it's a blend of both. I wonder if I have a different batch then yours is? I do like some of the near blacks long as they all can show they have that green or blue or red in them. I am one of 'those' who cannot pull off wearing plain black looks horrible on me - but the others I can wear and they look OK...esp a blued black and next if it's the right red/black it's a hit with me but a lot of the red/blacks are not the right red or something - not quite sure - I sort of stuck with 2 of 'em that worked when others did not.


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