Thursday, January 22, 2015

Zoya Veruschka

Zoya Veruschka has been a lemming of mine since I first got into polish. So to finally be able to pick it up--on clearance, no less--felt pretty darn good. A recurring theme on this blog is my obsession with green polish and Veruschka is a very special one: a forest green satin. It's a really cool, different-looking polish that was absolutely worth the wait!

I wore Versuchka as-is for a day, then decided to try it with some topcoat, just for kicks.

I'm not sure how I prefer it, to be honest. The topcoat brings out that gorgeous shimmer, but I like how edgy and unique it looks without topcoat. So really, you win either way. Wear time without topcoat isn't great, however. After about half a day, I already had a decent-sized chip on my right index finger. The formula is absolutely excellent though! It's very easy to apply and not chalky in the slightest. I used two coats for this mani.

Do you like Veruschka better with or without topcoat? What was the last lemming you squashed?

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