Monday, January 12, 2015

a-england Dancing With Nureyev

 a-england makes some of the best holos in the game, period. If you've never tried any of their polishes, you owe it to yourself to experience them. Can you tell I'm maybe a little bit of a fangirl here? 

If you need some further convincing, allow me to introduce Dancing With Nureyev as Exhibit A. The base color is a gorgeous steely blue with a hint of purple creeping in, beautifully topped off by a scattered holo effect. The tinge of purple is subtle but it peeks out at certain angles, almost like a duochrome. Coupled with the holo, it makes for a stunning effect, similar to what we've seen before from a-england with polishes like Princess Tears.

The formula on Dancing With Nureyev is absolutely perfect. It's super creamy and smooth, with no streaking or dragging whatsoever. I used two coats here and then skipped the top coat to keep the holo looking nice and shiny. I've already worn this polish once before and it gets fairly respectable wear time sans topcoat. If I remember right, I didn't have any chips 'til day three!

Dancing With Nureyev is a polish so magical that it could only come from a-england. I hope you love it as much as I do! :)


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    1. Thanks Lisa! Who can resist a good holo, right?

  2. That is such a gorgeous polish. I have wanted several aEngland polishes (this one, Princess Tears, Rose Bower... well, a lot of them!) for so long! I must make this the year that I start investing in this brand!

    1. Thanks! They are definitely a brand worth buying into. They have sooo many gorgeous polishes and I swear, they never disappoint.


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