Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Twinsie Tuesday: Inspired By Your Shoes

I have something of an obsession with shoes. I swear at least half of my paycheck from my time working at Neiman Marcus went straight back into the shoe department. So I had a lot to pick from for this week's Twinsie Tuesday, where we were asked to do a manicure inspired by our shoes.

Since it's winter, I thought I'd go with my favorite pair of boots...although I wouldn't recommend wearing these in snow and ice, haha. These are my Patricia Field motorcycle booties:

I've got a bum left ankle, so I can't wear heels for a super long time, but these are surprisingly comfortable! They make me feel like such a badass.

I took a queue from one of my favorite fashionable ladies, Gwen Stefani, and used some of her OPI products--4 In The Morning and the nail art studs from the Over And Over A-Gwen set--and came up with this mani to represent my boots:

I think the satin finish of 4 In The Morning perfectly mimics the look of black leather. It's one of my favorite black polishes and a great go-to shade. My inner goth loves black polish, what can I say. :)

Be sure to show my Twinsies some love and see what they did this week! I can't wait to get a peak into everyone else's shoe closets!

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  1. That's some hot pair of shoes you've got there. And the nails are a perfect match!

  2. ooh this are gorgeous! I'd probably fall over just looking at them but they are beautiful shoes. I love the mani too, it's so pretty!

    1. also my grammar is atrocious. *These* are gorgeous! That's how wowed I was with this mani, I couldn't get the words out fast enough ;)

  3. Love those shoes! The nails look great too.

  4. Love those boots! And the mani is cute!

  5. Loving those boots! the studs match the studs on the boots perfectly!


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