Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Deborah Lippmann Yellow Brick Road

Choosing your least favorite polish is a tall order. I don't know if Deborah Lippmann Yellow Brick Road is my absolute least favorite, but it's up there. On paper, this polish has potential: a squishy, shiny canary yellow jelly. But throw in a crappy, super sheer formula and the fact that warm yellows tend to look terrible on my pale skin and this is what you get... Enjoy!

Yep, it looks like baby barf--and not even in an ugly-pretty kinda way, which I'm all about. It's just...well, ugly. I think Yellow Brick Road would look nicer on someone with darker skin, but sadly, the formula is unforgivably awful. It is painfully sheer, even for a jelly. It is literally impossible to build this polish up to opacity on its own--I've tried! But for how sheer it is, it's also ridiculously thick. You have to leave ample dry time between layers, otherwise you wind up with a goopy, lumpy mess.

I learned my lesson from the last time I wore this polish and not only gave myself plenty of time between coats, but also used Barielle's Natural Nail Camouflage as my base coat. Even with two coats of Nail Camouflage, it took four coats of Yellow Brick Road to get what you see here, which is still not completely opaque!

End rant. There you have it: my least favorite polish--or at least, one that deserves a very dishonorable mention. Don't shell out the big bucks for this one!

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  1. Yikes, four coats? No thank you! I love yellows but no one has time to wait for four coats to dry especially at DL prices...shame on DL :(

  2. Love the color, not the sheerness of it. I'm with you!

  3. Yeah, this is ugly. Baby barf was an excellent description.

  4. That's awful to hear that this took four coats. Yellows never really look good on me so I can totally get why this would be your least favorite polish.

  5. A jelly yellow is never a good thing; sounds like it would make me feel like I had staining unless I put on lots of coats and 2 coats are like the max for me lol.

  6. I think this shade would be great on a handbag or sweater. But not a good polish.

  7. What an excellent choice! It does look pretty awful!

  8. Have you tried to jelly sandwich it? It looks like it'd be gorgeous with some glitter layered in there!


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