Friday, November 21, 2014

Naild'it Birthday Balloons

Whenever I don't like the color I have on my nails, my go-to solution is to cover it in glitter. Now, you might recall that a few Twinsie Tuesday's ago that I featured Deborah Lippmann Yellow Brick Road as my pick for least favorite polish. It's not only a wildly unflattering color on me, but it's also a total ass-ache to apply. Yaaaayyyy!

After all the effort it took to put it on, I felt like I may as well wear it as a full mani rather than just a swatch, so I tried to salvage it by slapping some glitter on top--namely, Naild'it Birthday Balloons, a matter glitterbomb with a rainbow of colored hexes. Really, I'm not sure anything could save Yellow Brick Road--it looks pretty friggin' gross on me--but Birthday Balloons certainly brightens and pretties it up a bit.

Birthday Balloons was a limited edition from way back, so unfortunately this is one indie polish that's been lost to the ages. But Naild'it is still up and running, so if you dig Birthday Balloons, give their website a look! 

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