Monday, November 3, 2014

China Glaze Swing Baby

I got a big split in one of my nails over the weekend, so I had to chop all my nails down to nubbins to match. This is the shortest my nails have been in a long time and it's bumming me out. :( So I wanted to wear a color that still compliments my super stub nails and to me, metallics look great on any nail length. I delved into my untrieds and came up with China Glaze Swing Baby, a champagne foil.

Swing Baby came out around the time I started getting really into polish. It was originally part of 2010's Vintage Vixen Collection, but I picked it up more recently, when it became a core polish at Sally.

This is a surprisingly complex polish. The foil finish really shines (no pun intended) here. You get a lot more depth than you would with a chrome or frost. When you look closely, you can see the individual flecks of silver and gold; reminds me a bit of OPI Designer...De Better from the first Muppets collection.

The formula's a little sheer, needing four coats for complete opacity. I was also disappointed that Swing Baby chipped on me--twice, even--after less than a day of wear.

But while the formula may not have been a complete success, I still really like Swing Baby. It's a perfect foil for the holidays and one of the great things about champagne polishes is their neutral undertone means they look amazing on pretty much anybody. Swing Baby is definitely a polish worth revisiting if you're looking for a foil fix.

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