Sunday, November 9, 2014

OPI My Voice Is A Little Norse

OPI My Voice Is A Little Norse is the last of the four polishes I'll be showing you from the OPI Nordic Collection minis set. This is a grey jelly base packed with silver holo glitter pieces. I've got a few sparkles similar to this one in my collection already, but what I can I say? I'm powerless against a good glitter!

 Intentionally blurry shot to show off the holo better...

Up until this polish, none of the minis in this set have given me any issues, formula-wise. But My Voice Is A Little Norse was really thick and goopy. It reminded me of why I generally don't like minis: difficult formulas that you have little control over due to the teeny tiny brush. However, the one nice thing about such a thick formula is that this polish was nice and opaque. I only needed two coats.

Plus I gotta say that I love that this has a tinted base rather than a clear one. It not only helps distinguish My Voice Is a Little Norse from all the other silver holo bombs out there, it also makes it easier to cover up any VNL.

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  1. That's a pretty polish! So shimmery and holographic.


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