Wednesday, November 26, 2014

OPI Coca-Cola Red

I am a (somewhat recovering) Coca-Cola addict, so Coca-Cola-themed nail polish is an easy sell for me, especially one modeled after the iconic shade of Coca-Cola red. As easy as it is to get burnt out on red polish, there's something super sexy and powerful about having that perfect, killer red.

Sooooo gorgeous! This is an instant top-five of all-time red for me. It's got a flawless formula that covers in two coats and that shine is just redonk.

What's YOUR favorite red?


  1. Really great shade of red this is!

  2. I have such a weakness for reds so I wish you didn't say this was so amazing. My entire OPI collection is basically reds. Guess it'll be getting bigger soon...


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