Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Lumina Lacquer Seven Year Witch

With Halloween just around the corner, we're showcasing some manis dedicated to the holiday this week! I originally planned on doing some mummy nails, but when I got some awesome nail mail over the weekend, I couldn't resist taking this opportunity to show off one of the newest additions to my collection: one of Lumina Lacquer's new Halloween polishes, Seven Year Witch!

Seven Year Witch is a matte glitterbomb filled with black and neon glitters in a bevvy of shapes, sizes and colors. Also included with Seven Year Witch is a baggie of skull-shaped glitters in a staggering amount of colors (including a few holo pieces!), for you to place on your nails however you like. Thoughtful, creative touches like this are one of the many reasons I love Lumina Lacquer so much!

The formula here is wonderful--very easy to spread across the nails. This is one coat over Illamasqua Scorch, a white creme. I thought a clean white base would be a great way to show off the huge variety of glitters you get with this polish. As I've come to expect from Lumina, the glitters themselves are well-mixed, so you don't have to fish a ton to get some of the bigger pieces.

I definitely went with something more fun and colorful for my Halloween mani rather than something spooky. While I focused more on "treat" than "trick," I can't wait to see what direction my Twinsies took this theme!

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  1. What a cool polish, I've always wanted to try Lumina Lacquer because they look so cool!

  2. This is a cool looking polish and so fun too! I just love Lumina Lacquer.

  3. What a fun looking glitter that is. Lovely combination together.

  4. I love this glitter, it is really pretty!

  5. I have a top coat exactly like this but mine is trelly lisa frank is da bomb!

  6. Oh my gosh, the colours! I'm in love!!


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