Sunday, October 26, 2014

Essie Summit of Style (Lux Effects 2014) Preview

Summit of Style, a part of Essie's 2014 holiday offerings (see the rest HERE), is a metallics-heavy mix of re-promotes and two new Lux Effects polishes. I don't mind re-promotes much so long as it's nothing from the too-recent past, but I know the new Lux Effects will be the most interesting part of this collection for most of us.

 L to R: No Place Like Chrome, Set In Stones, Penny Talk, Summit Of Style (NEW), Good As Gold, Rock At The Top (NEW)

No Place Like Chrome, Penny Talk and Good As Gold all originally debuted with Essie's Mirror Metallics Collection and Set In Stones is one of the original Lux Effects. I gotta admit, these new ones don't look all that interesting to me. The first Lux Effects were a mix of different layering effect polishes--flakies, pearls, glitters, etc.--and the later incarnations have all just been color-swapped versions of the same hex glitterbombs. Don't get me wrong; they're still pretty and you can create some cool layerings with them. (If you need proof, then just check out this amazing glitter mani my girl Elizabeth at Did My Nails created with a bunch of the Lux Effects!) But they don't seem as unique or special as the first Lux Effects were.

I've already seen these on store shelves, so if you've got your eye on any of these, they may already be out at your favorite polish shop! Are you excited for the new Lux Effects are you kinda over them like me? Let me know in the comments! :)


  1. Ahhhhh! I saw Zoya Wishes + these over the weekend at Ulta, and was SO EXCITED to see that Essie FIIIIIIIIIIIINALLY put out a gold glitter topper. I ended up buying it for my holiday giveaway, but you know I'm going to have to have my own bottle ...

    1. I was sooooo tempted when I spotted Wishes over the weekend! But seeing as I just shelled out for some indie polish (My wallet hates Lumina Lacquer because I'm powerless to resist it) a few days before, I had to behave myself and wait for a bit. I *need* that blue Magic PixieDust in my life--soon! I admire your self-control reserving the gold topper for a giveaway! Kind of surprising Essie hasn't done a gold glitter before this, isn't it? They need to do more sparkly stuff. I hope someday they'll bring back the epically amazing Shine Of The Times!

  2. Aww, Chelsea! Thank you so much! Definitely going to be snap up some of these new ones. Unf, that gold! :D


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