Saturday, October 11, 2014

LCN Pink Pepper

We had an event at my work where we were supposed to wear pink, so of course I wanted my nails to join in on the fun! But rather than reach for one of my faithful favorite pinks, I decided I ought to use an untried one, because I have so damn many untrieds! Surprisingly though, I don't seem to have all that many untried pinks. This could be because A) I don't buy all that many pink polishes or B) I'm more likely to go through pink untrieds faster, because pink is a color that always works and not one that I have to be "in the mood" for or worry about how it goes with my outfit.

Anyways, there's a point to all this rambling and it's that I chose LCN Pink Pepper. It's a beautiful, rich shade of hot pink that really jumped out at me.

This was my first time trying a LCN polish, since I've never seen it in a store by me--shout out to Amanda, my polish fairy godmother, for hooking me up with this brand--and I gotta say, I was impressed! The formula was sublime; so easy to work with! I used two coats for this mani. The brush is the perfect size as well and allows for very precise, clean application. 

Have you ever tried any LCN? I'm excited to try more after having such a nice experience with Pink Pepper.


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