Friday, October 3, 2014

Zoya Matte Velvet Re-Release

They're baaaaaaaaack! Zoya's cult favorite Matte Velvet polishes are making a comeback this holiday season and they're bringing a new matte top coat with them! Whether you're a collector who's been coveting one of these HTF shades or you're just looking for some new mattes in seasonal colors, there's lots to be excited about with the return of this collection!

Zoya Nail Polish ZP506  Veruschuka  Green Nail Polish Metallic Nail Polish
Product Thumbnail 
Zoya Nail Polish ZP498  Loredana  Gray Nail Polish Metallic Nail Polish
Zoya Nail Polish ZP504  Savita  Purple Nail Polish Metallic Nail Polish
Zoya Nail Polish ZP505  Harlow  Purple Nail Polish Metallic Nail Polish 
Zoya Nail Polish ZP500  Posh  Red Nail Polish Metallic Nail Polish
Matte Velvet Top Coat

I've been lusting after Veruschka and Savita for a long time now, so I'm happy to have the chance to finally pull the trigger on those beauties. I'm really happy that Zoya is listening to fans and bringing these babies back for all of us who missed out before to enjoy. Now if we could just get those OPI suedes to come back...

The Matte Velvets are currently available for pre-order on Zoya's website and it sounds like Zoya will be making them available in stores as well. There's no word on an exact launch date yet, so keep your eyes peeled!

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