Monday, July 14, 2014

Essie Dress To Kilt Preview

The fall collections are almost here! We've already seen what OPI has in store this fall, so now it's time to check in with Essie. They're releasing a six-color collection, called Dress To Kilt. Take a look!

L To R: Dress To Kilt,  Fall In Line, Partner In Crime
L To R: Style Cartel, Take It Outside, The Perfect Cover Up

Nothing we haven't seen before here, but it still looks like a nice batch of dusty jewel tones for fall. And you know I've got my eye on those greens!

No word on an official release date, but usually the fall collections start to surface in stores around mid-August, so keep your eyes peeled!


  1. Def fall colors! New follower here :)

  2. Nothing really jumping out at me. Will need to see swatches :-)

  3. The individual shades aren't stunning me yet, but just seeing them all together is getting me excited for all things autumn! :-p


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