Sunday, July 27, 2014

OPI You Are So Outta Lime!

Neon green polish... Three words that make my heart very happy! As you may have picked up from my blog, I absolutely adore green polish. Whether it's neon, swampy or anything in between, I gotta have my greens!

The latest addition to my green collection is OPI You Are So Outta Lime! This vibrant neon green was a birthday gift from the lovely Kelly :) I knew as soon as I saw the preview pictures for OPI's Neon Collection that I would have a hard time resisting this one and it's every bit as wonderful as I'd hoped! Here it is over OPI Put A Coat On!, the white, color-intensifying basecoat from the same collection.

Unlike a lot of neons, this wasn't streaky or chalky at all. In fact, it was very easy to work with and wearing it with a white base underneath makes the application that much more even. In addition to helping application, I really do think a white base is practically a necessity for getting the most out of OPI's neons. They're decently bright on their own, but the white really makes them pop.

You Are So Outta Lime! is a bit different than most of the neon greens we see, which tend to veer more into "toxic waste" territory (see China Glaze I'm With The Lifeguard as an example). While those are fun and I do enjoy them, I can still appreciate that OPI went in another direction for their neon green. This is a bright n' bouncy lime shade that I think any green lover will go nuts over!


  1. What a awesome green. Great to hear the formula was good on it too.

    1. Thanks Lisa! I'm really impressed with the formulas on the OPI neons as a whole. They're awesome!

  2. That is a beautiful bright creamy green.

  3. Such a pretty green and it's nice and bold too :-)


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