Friday, July 4, 2014

Butter London Brick Lane Collection Preview

Butter London's new Brick Lane Collection has just popped up on BL's website! There are some make-up items in the collection as well, but here we'll be focusing on the polish. This collection is notable in that it features BL's first forays into textured and satin finishes! Since we've got a variety of polishes here, I've labelled each color with not only the name, but the finish as well. Take a look!

Dubs (Textured)
Cor Blimey (Satin)
Brick Lane (Shimmer)
Bric-A-Brac (Glitter)

The collection is also available as a set of six 0.2 oz bottles, featuring two exclusive colors: East End, a "curry yellow" satin and Chocka, a plum shimmer.

East End looks awesome! I really wish it was available on its own, because I'm not quite ready to shell out for the whole minis set just to get it. But a yellow satin is definitely something unique and intriguing! 

I'm not a huge matte polish fan, but I can get down with satins if the formula and finish are nice. I thought OPI did an outstanding job with the satins from the Gwen Stefani Collection earlier this year, so I'll be curious to see how Butter's stack up! 

What about you? See anything you'll be snagging from this collection?

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  1. some nice looking polishes there! Might need to check them out ;-)


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