Friday, July 18, 2014

Lumina Lacquer Free Spirit

Lumina Lacquer Free Spirit is a glitterbomb with pink, purple, gold and silver pieces in a variety of shapes. You've got butterflies, triangles, hearts, circles, stars, flowers--all kinds of fun stuff! Here I've paired it with Barielle Paradise In The Tropics, a raspberry creme. (Please forgive that I'm holding a tube of lipstick in these swatches. I didn't have a polish bottle with me at the time.)

Despite being chock-full of glitter, Free Spirit was very easy to apply. You don't have to fish at all for the big glitter pieces, as there are plenty of them in the mix. However, they might require a little guidance to go where you want them to on the nail.

I think the circle pieces are my favorite thing about this polish, although the triangles are a really cool addition as well. But I'm a sucker for circle glitter, so when you've got holographic circle glitter in a polish? Fuhgeddaboutit!

You can purchase Lumina Lacquer from their website.


  1. That' s a pretty color and I love the glitter in it too.

  2. I just got this in the mail not long ago and it's gorgeous! I love the glitter mixture. As far as I'm concerned, Lumina Lacquer can take all of my money! I just love the ones I have.

    1. Oh, me too! I've never been disappointed in any of my Lumina Lacquers. Such an awesome brand!

  3. Oh wow I love this glitter :-)


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