Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Whimsical Ideas By Pam Super Hero

Before we get down to business with this week's Twinsie Tuesday theme, I want to welcome our two newest Twinsies: Bridget from A Painted Nail and Jessica from Blue Velvet Lacquer! If you get a chance, do drop by their blogs to say hello! :)

So this week's theme is "summer lovin'." Other than making me think of the song from "Grease," I wasn't sure what we were supposed to do with this theme--and based on the chatter in our TT group, it seems I wasn't alone! So we decided you could just interpret the theme however you like.

Now, I don't talk very much about my personal life on here, but my boyfriend just returned from a study abroad trip a week or so ago after being gone for ten months! So this theme makes me think about how happy I am to be able to spend the summer with him and do the things we love. 

One of our biggest shared interests is comics, so I thought it'd be fun to pay homage to that with Whimsical Ideas By Pam Super Hero. I got this polish as part of my birthday gift from the wonderful ChiChi and it is so much fun! Super Hero is a yellow jelly with small gold glitter, large blue and yellow hexes and red stars. It's very Wonder Woman, no? 

If a yellow jelly isn't your thing, you could always layer Super Hero over a white or yellow creme, but I think it looks perfectly pretty all on its own! I used two coats for this mani. The formula is fabulous. You don't have to fish at all for the larger glitter pieces, although you might have to use the dabbling method a bit to disperse them evenly across the nail.

You can purchase Whimsical Ideas through Pam's Facebook page. And be sure to take a look at what my fellow Twinsies did for their "summer lovin'" manis!

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  1. I like this! It so pretty and has a lot going on :-)

  2. Omg I love this polish! I have one polish from the brand and I'm not in love with it but the glitters in Super hero are amazing.

  3. Very cute! This was one of my first Whimsies!

  4. I immediately thought Wonder Woman when I saw this! Very nice :)

  5. What a great inspiration for this mani!

  6. I love this polish so much! It's just too awesome!

  7. Such great inspiration! Hope you two have a great time this summer.

  8. Oh this is so summery and fun! lovely!

  9. That is such a fun orange! I love the glitters in it.

  10. I have wanted this polish forever! I love it!

  11. this looks great on you Chelsea! glad you liked it!

  12. I simply LOVE this polish! :)


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