Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Lynnderella Spumoni

Before we get things rolling for this week's Twinsie Tuesday, please welcome our newest Twinsie: Lisa from The Polish Playground! As for our theme, we're hopping into the kitchen for this week's TT with manicures inspired by a food or beverage! I was hoping I'd have my hands on the OPI Coca-Cola Collection by the time this theme rolled around, so I could celebrate the merger of two of my greatest addictions, but no biggie! I went with a dessert-inspired look instead!

 I apparently have a weakness for ice cream-themed polishes, because I own quite a few of them (could be because my first job was at an ice cream place). The one I decided to showcase for this theme is one of the newest additions to my stash: Lynnderella Spumoni! Spumoni is a sheer mint green base filled with pearly mint glitters, as well as red, white and black accent pieces. It was also a birthday gift from my fellow Twinsie Tiffany, so all the more reason to show it off this week!

This is two coats over Deborah Lippmann Flowers In Her Hair, a mint creme. I think it makes the perfect companion for Spumoni!

This polish does a great job capturing the look of the real deal! I actually don't care for Spumoni ice cream (Give me something with chocolate or peanut butter instead!), but this polish looks so good it almost makes me forget that. ;)
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  1. I have never heard of Spumoni in my life!

  2. I didn't know Spiking was ice cream! Haha!!! Glad you like the polish! Looks great!

  3. Never heard of Spumoni either, but now I would like some ice cream!

  4. This is a very nice polish. Such pretty glitters :-)

  5. That is a very pretty color! Love:

  6. I have heard of Spumoni! I don't own any Lynn's but this one always catches my eye; it looks awesome on you!

  7. never heard of the ice cream, but if it tastes as good as that glitter looks, i may have to hunt some down!

  8. Spumoni ice cream is one of my faves! It tastes so good. As for the polish, it's so darn cute!

  9. mmmmm now i want ice cream!!!!! such an awesome polish!

  10. we both did foods inspired by our first jobs. my first job also sold ice cream but I don't think I've ever had spumoni.


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