Monday, June 9, 2014

Review: Essie Swept Off My Feet Nourishing Treatment Oil

I told you guys last week how thrilled I was to spot the new Essie Spa Collection at my local Target. The collection has four new items, three of which I purchased. Today I'll be sharing my thoughts on the first one, Swept Off My Feet Nourishing Treatment Oil.

This oil promises to protect and hydrate skin, leaving it soft, supple and healthy. While this is marketed as a pedicure product (and that's how I tested it), you could really use it anywhere you have dry, rough skin. While the Essie Spa Collection is exclusive to Target, I did notice Nordstrom sells an Essie massage oil with the same name and what appear to be the same ingredients, so this can apparently work as a massage oil too! (I should note too that the Nordstrom version is a whopping $40 for an 8 oz bottle, while the Target version is $10.99 for a 5.75 oz bottle. Bargain!)

So what exactly is in this stuff? Let's take a look at some of the key ingredients and what they do!

First up you have pro-Vitamin E, to help protect your skin. Then you have apricot oil. Apricot oil has a lipid content similar to your own skin's, allowing it to penetrate easily and start healing your skin quickly. Next up is Passion flower oil, said to have soothing properties. And last but not least is rose musk oil to hydrate and repair.

This is an extremely rich oil, so a little bit goes a lonnnngggg way! Even a dime-sized amount was almost too much to slather on one foot. It felt a little great going on and it took a couple minutes to soak in, but it didn't leave a residue behind afterwards. There is a light, fruity scent to it (smells like apricots or oranges to me) but it is not overpowering or fake-smelling.

I was really impressed how much smoother and softer my skin felt once the oil soaked in! It did a fantastic job of hydrating my feet and I could feel the hydrating and smoothing benefits both immediately and long-term. I gave myself a pedicure using this, the So Sole Good Exfoliating Scrub and the Feet In The Clouds Leg & Foot Creme (reviews coming up for the other two products!) a few days ago and my feet still feel extremely smooth and supple! 

I was very pleased with how quickly and effectively Swept Off My Feet worked! Whether you're getting your feet into sandal-ready shape or you've got some stray patches of dry skin you want to get rid of, give this a shot! 

Have you tried anything from the Essie Spa Collection yet?


  1. I'm so excited that you loved this! It's definitely going into my cart during my next Target run. :)

  2. This sounds great! I think I would enjoy the scent of this :D


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