Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Sally Hansen Salon Effects In Disk-O Queen

We're busting out our nail wraps, stickers and decals for this week's Twinsie Tuesday theme: nail appliqués! There are a couple different ways this theme could be interpreted and I decided to go with nail wraps. Sally Hansen makes some of my favorites. They're sturdy, easy to apply and there are lots of designs to pick from!

The one I went with this time is called Disk-O Queen. These wraps have a half moon design in gold and burgundy glitter.

I'd never used nail wraps with glitter in them before, so I wondered if they would be more difficult to work with or if they'd feel gritty at all. Thankfully, the answer to both questions is no. These feel and apply the same as the other Sally Hansen wraps I've tried in the past. My only complaint is that on the burgundy part of the wrap, you can see that the actual wrap itself is tinted burgundy underneath, to provide a clear outline for the half moon design, and then there's a glitter overlay on top. I wish the gold portion had a tinted base as well, to make it more opaque, because I could see a bit more of my natural nail peeking through that I normally like.

But that being said, I enjoyed these wraps! I think the glitter is a fun twist on a classic design like the half moon, which has been around for decades. I'm not really a French manicure kind of girl, but I do love the half moon look! I like how it accentuates the curve of the nail bed, plus retro designs always make me feel all fancy and lady-like!

What is your favorite brand of nail wraps or appliqués? 

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  1. I like the colour combination. I wish the burgundy part was a tiny part smaller but other than that it looks really pretty!

  2. Nice colours. I never use nails wraps so don't have a fav brand!

  3. Sooooo fun! I haven't seen ones like this before!

  4. I love the look of this and good to know that the glitter doesn't make them harder to apply!

  5. Love these! You did a great job!

  6. These are really cute--the gold and burgundy, plus the half-moons, make for such a retro-glam combination! :D


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